31 August – 2 September 2007 onboard MV Quest

I have always loved LOB. What could be more interesting and convenient in diving than to be with a group of fun-loving fellows diving off a live aboard dive boat. You eat, dive, eat, joke, dive, have fun, eat, sleep, dive; and the cycle repeats .. and repeats… and repeats. And with a live aboard, you can go to remote dive sites and cover a wider dive location.

17 of us went on a LOB over last weekend; just a normal weekend type of dive trip—departing on a Friday evening and returning on the Sunday evening but the LOB dive trip turned out to be more than a normal typical dive trip.

We covered the northern waters of Tioman, the eastern coast of Pemanggil and the dive sites in familiar Aur, all in a weekend. We dived wrecks and submerged reefs normally inaccessible to dive boats from island resorts, and explored new bays which are hardly dived.

But then again, diving is not just about diving. Diving is about having fun with fellow divers. Diving is about having good food between dives. Diving is also about sharing jokes, talking-cock, merrymaking and more.

And after each dive, no matter whether the dive site was good or the dive conditions were bad, we were treated with delicious food and snacks: sumptuous breakfast with choice of cereals, bread and noodles; buffet spread of fish, prawns, chicken, vegetables and omelet for lunch; BBQ dinner with grilled beef, shrimps, chicken wings and red wine; and spring rolls, chocolate cake and ice cream for afternoon tea!

I went about taking pictures, not just underwater pictures but also taking candid shots of divers on the surface, on the boat, having meals, joking, etc. We don't just let down our hair to have fun. We even let down our pants! Well, not we, just one of us. And not let down the pants to have fun the way u think. In the midst of excitement and spontaneity, this funny chap pulled down his pants and faced the white cheeks of his buttocks towards the camera!

And some jokes are never too old to be told over and over again. Jokes which I have first heard 2 dive seasons ago were again brought up and the laughters never seemed to reduce. I need not wonder why the girls were more wary of raising their arms after hearing our jokes. In just 2 days, we had so much fun, so much food, so much laughers. And it wasn't just about diving, it was also about meeting new friends and doing new things.

Location: Tioman, Pemanggil and Aur