Hin Daeng and Hin Muang Liveaboard 28 Dec 07 to 1 Jan 08

I returned to Singapore from a Phuket LOB dive trip sooner than the rest. Ricky asked me how the trip went. I replied, “as long as Pierre showed half his buttocks and YP continues to suffer verbal diarrhoea, everyone will enjoy.” Anyone wish to dispute with me?

Great dives make great dive trips, but a great dive trip does not necessarily require great dives. There is more to a dive trip than the diving itself. There are the companionship, the above water activities, the trips to the islands and streets, and the entertainment provided by cranky and comical characters.

Hin Daeng and Hin Muang are great dive sites; the same can be said of those at Ko Ha; Colourful soft corals, rich marine life and plentiful fishes. Though we came for to see manta and whale shark, but we were still sufficiently awarded with close encounters with leopard sharks.

But the most special dive was the evening dive at Ko Ha Yai cave. We ascended in the cave to the surface and were greeted to beautiful stalactites hanging from metres high limestone cave ceiling. The limited light penetrating from the waters into the caves make the place a little eerie. But our laughter and hustle bustle brightened up our visit to this “cathedral cave”. The arch above us resembles a cathedral’s ceiling and the dripping drops from the ceiling bear resemblance of holy water from above.

If these wet activities were good, the dry ones were even better. We played games in between dives and joked non-stop. Girls jumped from the sundeck into the sea; the guys could only imagine that they were not wearing their wetsuits. We fished (fish?) for squids and got ourselves squirted. I also came to realize that one, regardless of gender, can be creative in expletives.

On Patong Beach, we played fireworks and lighted lanterns and set them off in hope of our New Year wishes come true. We danced through the stroke of midnight to usher in 2008.

And what about Pierre and YP? You got to dive with them to find out.

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