Whale shark surprises divers in Pulau Aur

A whale shark paid a surprise visit to 16 divers on board M.V. Samudera Quest yesterday (30 May 09) during a surface interval along the channel between Pulau Aur and Pulau Dayang.


The group of Deep Blue Scuba divers has just completed their first morning dive when a boat crew spotted the shadow of a whale shark approaching. Within seconds, the three-meter whale shark swam right up to the stern, close enough for the boat crew to gently stroke its head. The divers immediately ran for their cameras and started shooting the friendly and graceful creature.


Kang-Su, an avid diver and underwater photographer with more than 150 dives in less than a year, could not let the opportunity passed. He jumped right into the water without a mask, just as the whale shark turned around, and captured a perfect shot of the full body.

“We saw a whale shark in Pulau Aur,” exclaimed Maddy and David “and it is just our 6th dive!” Both of them were relatively new divers who were on their second dive trip to get the Advanced Open Water certification.


Besides an amazing encounter with the whale shark, the group was rewarded with two challenging dives at the majestic Tigara Wreck this morning. Tigara Wreck is a rare site – even to the experienced Deep Blue dive crew on board – because it is only accessible when they charter a boat. The massive sunken cargo tanker sits solemnly on the sea bed as schools of barracudas and other rich marine life surround it.

“This beautiful site is definitely worth visiting again,” shares YP, who is planning to organize another live-on-board trip to Tigara in the near future. Meanwhile, several of the 16 divers look forward to their next dive trip to Sipadan in July.