Dugong joins divers in celebrating Singapore’s 44th birthday


Eighteen divers gathered on 9 August 2009 at 22:22 hrs on the wooden platform at Cocotino resort and proudly recited the Singapore pledge.  Although physically in Manado Indonesia, their hearts beat to the same national day classic 'We are Singapore' playing at the National Day Parade back home.


This was just one of many highlights over the six day trip.  Hear what some of the divers have to say:


“It's my first dive with Deep Blue.  Got to know this great bunch of fun loving company.  Hope to have more future trips together!” – Jasmine

“It's always so enjoyable diving with Deep Blue that makes the trip so unforgetable. Though I missed seeing many interesting creatures, it was still fun because the company is great!” – David Ng


“Lovely place, great service, wonderful sightings, AWESOME trip all in all!  Will definitely be back for the Dugong!” – Cliff and Charmaine

“Manado is my first overseas trip and I'm so glad that I came here!  Fantastic trip, seen many marine life that I never thought existed! Excellent dives, dive guides, service, organisation and of course company!  It was simply amazing!” – Sharon


“Thank you for the great memories! Great services and amazing dives! One of the best ever! I'll be back!” – Dahui

“It is always nice to be back to Manado.  Still my favourite dive sport.  Great crew, service and company!” – Pierre

“Good dive, good comfy stay.  Good dive crew and friends.  Fantastic place with amazing marine life.  Can't bear to miss out.  And best of all, my surprise birthday celebration!” – Jane


“Excellent service, great staff, saw dugong! Extremely well organised resort” – Adriana and Victor

“Amazing dive sites, excellent service, wonderful entertainment, comfortable resort, great company! Only at Manado!  Dugong!” – Mathias


“I asked for a refund from Ricky because I didn't see any 'big' things.  Then he decided to put on his dugong suit on the last dive!  Nice coral walls and dugong!” – David Chandra

“I enjoyed this trip alot.  Cocotinos and her staff created wonderful memories – excellent service, great diving, and super friendly staff – love this place!” – Wei Tiong

“Coconinos Manado! Great resort with great dive crew and service crew.  Saw many many mini marine life and dugong! Thanks Cocotinos and definitely looking forward to the opening at Lombok!” – Jieying


“Fantastic dives here in Manado, lots of marine creatures to see and dugong was the icing on the cake!  Fantastic trip!” – Tan Zu Wei


“Amazing trip here at Manado!  Cocotinos is a real beautiful resort with great service and friendly staff.  Great dives!” – Priscilla

“Ting ting ting!  Too many things to see! Best service ever, cosy resort, and as always, excellent company!  Nothing beats being a diver!” – Kelly