Your First Step Into The Deep Blue Sea!

Have you been to a tropical country for a vacation and did the usual things like sightseeing, shopping, or even bought a few drinks at night while relaxing and it dawned on you that you should be doing something different the next time you are on vacation?

Or, have you been to the zoo or watched documentaries and saw how animals on land interact with one another? Did you wonder about the interaction between marine animals underwater too?

Or, how about imagining how it’s like to breathe and move underwater just like a fish?

Then, it’s finally time to take a step out and start your exciting scuba diving journey now!

SCUBA diving brings you into another world which goes way beyond snorkeling. Diving in the underwater world lets you encounter beautiful and breath-taking aquatic life, coral reefs, wrecks, caverns and caves where snorkelers simply do not have access to!

So, the first step of scuba diving is to sign up for the PADI Open Water Diver Course! It’s the perfect way to start learning dive skills to be certified as an open water diver and from there, apply the skills that you have learnt to explore the waters in all parts of the world.

There are three components to the Open Water Diver Course.

  1. Knowledge development

Learn the basic principles of scuba diving either online or in the classroom such as buoyancy and pressure concepts. Equipment usage and underwater hand signals will be taught in this class too!

  1. Confined water session

Learn the basic scuba diving skills in the pool. Eg. Assemble and disassemble your scuba unit, mask clearing, regulator recovery, neutral buoyancy, hovering and many more! The instructor will also be bringing you for a short swim around the pool to get used to moving underwater





      3.  Open water dive trip

Get the chance to apply the skills you have learnt in the ocean! You’ll be doing 4-5 open water dives. You will experience how to use your breathing to control your buoyancy underwater as well as get the chance to meet some marine life!



From this course, you’ll get to experience first hand how fun diving is and how diving can change your life in a fascinating way. It also builds up your confidence and what’s more, diving underwater provides a peaceful and stress-free environment that can be highly addictive!

Through your diving journey, you will experience how diving is more than just getting into the water. But it is about the community as well. It will become another social platform where you will always get to meet and make new friends. Or even more, get to form a dive group and go on dive trips to experience the beautiful underwater world together!



Okay, just close your eyes and imagine! The moment you enter the water, all your senses are ‘dulled’ and yet magnified as your breathing is the only thing you can hear. Watching magnificent aquatic life swim by in complete tranquility while being weightless gives you a sense of awe that you have never experienced before.

All that being said, don’t you think that it will be an awesome experience to dive and you can’t wait to try it out?

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