Frustrated about Your Buoyancy?

Want to play your part as a diver in protecting the fragile aquatic environment by not damaging the coral reefs while you’re diving? Which means, good buoyancy control is essential!


Or for the macro lovers out there, have you experienced times whereby you wished to snap a photo of a beautiful nudibranch you saw but you’re unable to hover just right above it to which your photo turned out disappointing?



Also, during our previous post, we had mentioned that most open water divers are not exactly comfortable with their buoyancy skills even after getting their open water diver certification. That’s why we recommended divers to sign up for the advanced open water diver course! During the advanced course, you guys will most likely be going through a peak performance buoyancy adventure dive where the instructors are able to train and correct any problems regarding your breathing and buoyancy. (Have we aroused your interest regarding buoyancy yet??)

So here you go, bring your buoyancy control to the next level! For those who might be interested in the peak performance buoyancy dive or for divers who had already went through the advanced course and had experience what peak performance buoyancy is and want to improve further, let us introduce you the PADI  peak performance buoyancy specialty course!



Before that, here are the pre-requisites of this buoyancy course. Divers do only need to be 10 years and above and be an open water diver. Wow, even junior open water divers can sign up for this fun and relaxing course!



Now, what exactly is the purpose of this peak performance buoyancy course? This course helps to polish a diver’s buoyancy control beyond the open water diver level and elevates him to the next level.

At this point, do you have many questions in your head thinking of what will you be taught during the course then? Let us answer you now!

During this course, you’ll be going through a knowledge development and two open water dives. Throughout the course, you’ll be learning how to trim your scuba equipment so that you’re perfectly balanced underwater. A weight check will be done too to determine the number of weights you need so that you will neither be too light nor heavy. Being over-weighted or under-weighted will make a huge difference in your buoyancy control! What’s more, you’ll learn how to streamline your equipment to conserve air and only to take along with you the appropriate dive equipment that you need for that specific dive, which in turns allows you to move smoothly through the water.  Do you know why? Yes, you got it! It is to minimize the water resistance when you’re moving underwater for an easy and comfortable dive. Lastly, the most interesting section of this course is to try hovering effortlessly in many different positions such as vertical and horizontal! If you have tried it before, hovering in vertical and horizontal positions are the hardest to achieve!



After completing this PADI peak performance buoyancy specialty course, you’ll realized that you have improved a lot in terms of your buoyancy control and with more dives and practices, you’ll be able to glide effortlessly underwater, lower consumption of air and to easily ascend, descend, get neutral buoyant and hover, almost as if by thought! Most importantly, your interaction with the aquatic life gets gentle and the environment will be minimally affected.

Is  this course fun, interesting and relax or not!


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