Dive With Us Into The Deep Blue of An Awesome 2014!

We all know that 2013 had came to an end, however, your diving journey does not just stop here, isn’t it!? Are you guys ready for all the trips that are lined up for you in 2014? Let us help you shorten your bucket list of places to go then!

In our 2014 trips, we provide a wide range of dive trips in Southeast Asia that you can choose to go for. From any budget, any certification level, any duration, any interest to any taste, totally up to you!

Now, let us share with you a little of every dive destination, pick one that suits your taste and mark it down on your calender!


So, are you looking for dive sites that are not so challenging but still give you a breath-taking experience? Redang and Tenggol are the ones for you then! And and and, we have it in alternate months for the rest of the year of 2014. What’s best, we have an early bird discount of 10% off if you book by the end of Feb for our Redang/Tenggol trips!


Have you heard of the ‘Coral Triangle’ that are famously known to house the highest number of species in the world and is made up of Philippines, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea? Then, do you know that Redang actually offers 80% of species found in this ‘Coral Triangle’?

Yes, what an impressive biodiversity Redang has which in turns, making it one of the top dive sites in Peninsular Malaysia!

Redang has a good mix of beautiful hard and soft coral gardens, wall dives and sandy bottom dive sites for macro lovers and what’s more, they’re serious in marine conservation which means, it’s a good news for all divers!

Take a look at the highlights of marine life that are found in Redang!



Redang trip dates: 17-20 April, 26-29 June, 28-31 August and 23-26 October 2014


Located across South China Sea, Tenggol which is a beautiful island on its own, consists of more than 20 stunning dive sites. With various flavours to satisfy divers’ cravings of different interests, experience and diving proficiency, it will be a delight to melt into this watery world, lapsing into a timeless suspension of life!

As for beginner divers, there are quite a number of calm, beautiful coral gardens surrounded by colourful marine life which will provide an memorable, unforgettable experience.

Also, if you’re lucky, you might even get to see a whale shark during the August-October period! Whoa!



Tenggol trip dates: 6-9 March, 10-12 May, 25-28 July and 25-28 September 2014


 If not, how about diving into the waters of one of the top 10 dive destinations? We have Similan Islands and Sipadan for you as well!


 We’re sure every diver knows that Sipadan is one of the top dive destinations in the world and it’s a ‘must to go’ at least once in your diving journey, are we right? Just close your eyes and imagine – the blue skies, the crystal clear waters and tropical scenery all around you! For a moment, are you feeling excited?

When you’re diving at Sipadan, everywhere you turn, you’ll see turtles munching on the sponges and algae, or lazing on the wall ledges. Or, how about the climax that divers are yearning for? Finding yourself in the tornado formation of the countless barracudas that just seems endless and simply leaving you awestruck!



Sipadan trip dates: 24-29 April, 15-20 May, 27-02 July 2014

 Similan Islands

Commonly rated as one of the top 10 dive destinations in the world, Similan Island diving is one of the best diving that Thailand offers!

At Similans, you can find incredible submerged rock formations with huge granite boulders, swim-throughs and giant fan coral gardens. Thus, the various mixture of diving allows Similan diving to become a beautiful and fascinating voyage of discovery that always ends too soon!

A shout-out to photographers here! Similan diving is also famously known as a paradise for muck/macro diving and keep a look out for the little photogenic critters such as frogfish, ghost pipefish, harlequin shrimp and ribbon eels. As for other scuba divers, there are frequent occurrence of whalesharks and manta rays at the famous Richelieu Rock dive site too! Can’t wait to go now?



Similans trip dates: 18-23 November  2014


Is there any sharks that you want to see? How about the not-so-common Thresher sharks that are only usually spotted at Malapascua?


How about a dawn date with the Thresher sharks? Malapascua will be the one to go then! Even though Malapascua had been hit by the recent Typhoon, rebuilding is up on the way. And to everyone’s delight, Thresher sharks are not affected by the Typhoon and their sightings are still incredible! Phew!

Other than the well known Thresher sharks, there are big stuff and small stuff, reefs and wrecks, amazing coral dives, sandy muck dives, wall dives and many more too!



Malapascua trip dates: 4-8 June 2014


Hmmm muck/macro/critter diving, anyone?? Lets go Manado, the photographers’ all time favourite!


Let us share with you a fact! Do you know that you can see over 70% of all the marine life that exist in the Indo-Western Pacific? So, what does this means? It will be an awesome experience to dive once at Manado!

Manado is also famously known for muck/critter diving and is so adored by photographers, marine biologist and scuba divers. Due to its richness of Manado’s water, no two dives are the same and there is always something different to see, study or even photograph it!




Or, do you want to spend a little more to dive at exotic places like Maldives and Raja Ampat and enjoy the best of the best where huge marine biodiversity collides heads on with?


How about diving side by side with whalesharks and manta rays? Do you think it will be so fascinating? We’re sure you can answer this! Then hop on to Maldives with us this year! Maldives is host to some of the best dive sites and top diving locations in the world.

With its charming nature beauty, white sandy beaches that lead to turquoise water and reefs where marine live is rich and diverse and an abundance of dive sites that provide outstanding visibility and thrilling experience one after another, it will be an one of the lifetime experience for you! We’re sure you’ll be back boasting to other diver friends of yours on the endless things you saw! You know what, make them jealous of you!


Maldives trip dates: 26-3 May and 20-27 December 2014

Raja Ampat

If you want to explore an exotic dive destination that not even words can describe how great it is , Raja Ampat is the place to go! Raja Ampat is composed of a group of 1500 magnificent, small islands. Simply putting, Raja Ampat is the bees knees of scuba diving! We can safely say that if you don’t enjoy diving here at all, you may as well not dive anywhere else. It’s just that awesome!

Also, boasting as the highest marine biodiversity on the planet, beautiful topside scenery and awesome underwater topography, Raja Ampat diving is as close as you can get to an underwater heaven.



Raja Ampat trip dates: 3-10 October 2014

So there, are you all perked up after reading up on all these fantastic trips that we have planned for you this year? If you’re interested, do drop us an email at [email protected], facebook msg us or ring us up at 6557 2705 and grab your gears!

That’s all folks! On the behalf of all the crews of Deep Blue Scuba, we wish you a Happy New Year!!


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