Bored Of The Usual Tioman Trips? How About Somewhere Further Than Tioman?

Ola divers! Chinese New Year had recently begun and we’re about halfway through celebrating this fun-filled festive season. Let us guess! Were you busy eating away non-stop, playing mahjong and happily accepting angbaos with a big smile on your face? We’re sure you did!

So what’s next? We couldn’t think of a much better way but to use the angbao money you received to go on a short getaway trip with us and extends your diving journey! Oh wait, pause! Did you guys even realized that Malaysia open diving season is just round the corner? If you didn’t know, at least you do now!

Why not let us recommend you two trips that’s a must-go, rather than the usual Tioman trips that we always offer? These two particular trips that we are diving at are 2 of the 9 islands off the state of Terengganu coast. Even though the long hours bus ride are often dreaded by divers, these two dive destinations are simply worth the long ride there! With one of the richest marine life that awaits you to explore underwater and teeming with splendid soft and hard coral gardens, these are places not to be missed diving at.


After all being said, have you already guessed which two islands we are talking about?


Oh yes bingo, Redang and Tenggol are the ones!

Let us share with you a little about these two dive destinations.

Being the largest of the 9 protected islands dotting off the state of Terengganu coast, Redang is not only made famous for its white sandy beach but also the underwater marine paradise that lies beneath its water! Technically, it offers pearly white sand beach, a colourful array of spectacular marine life, a breath-taking sunset and what could be the world’s most mature coral gardens! As Redang is relatively undeveloped and untouched, it offers numerous dive sites and crystal clear waters for enthusiast divers to explore. With at least 20 dive sites ranging from shore dives, shallow dives to challenging deep dives, there’s definitely a high chance that surprises are always waiting for you!


 Also, as Redang is gazetted as a marine park, its underwater inhabitants are protected by the Fisheries Act (1985). Meaning? Fishing is forbidden within 3.2km radius of the island and collection of coral and other aquatic life as souvenirs are strictly prohibited. Thus, Redang is capable of maintaining their rich marine habitats!

And and and, it’s quite common to see a green or hawksbill turtle at Redang due to its sea turtle conservation! What’s common to see there too are several species of nudibranch such as the blue dragon nudibranch, shoaling fish such as jacks, snappers and rabbitfish, stingrays, barracudas, eagle ray and black tip reef shark.



So, how about Tenggol? Pulau Tenggol is one of the most beautiful among the 9 islands, which is known for its perfect water warmed by the South China Sea, and is considered as one of the forgotten gem set in the clear blue waters of South China Sea. As part of the Terengganu marine park, Tenggol island is still a well-kept secret in the dive community. Thus, it is considered relatively unspoiled and consists one of the most perfect reef condition with an extraordinarily rich sea bed!


At Tenggol, pristine coral formations and quite a number of submerged rocks with excellent coral growth await to be explored. In addition, the waters of Tenggol offer good visibility and is a home to brimming of marine life including stingrays, various species of nudibranch, sharks and coral gardens with colourful myriad of soft and hard corals, sponges and leather corals that forms beautiful coral carpets!


Likewise as Redang, with over 20 dive sites at Tenggol, it offers unforgettable, breath-taking underwater diving experiences for beginners and exciting adventures for experience divers.  Also, there are impressive formations of huge rocks and boulders that create exciting swim-throughs and thrilling drift dives!


Something that divers love to hear too! There are sightings of whale sharks and manta rays at the beginning and end of the diving season during the months of March, April, September and October! Perhaps, wanna try your luck to spot them at Tenggol?



Here are our group trip dates for both Redang and Tenggol! Do take a look at these dates as some of the long weekend trips do not require you to take the extra day leave to go!

2014 Redang group trip dates:                                     

April 17 – 20 (Good Friday long weekend)

June 26 – 29

August 28 – 31

**October 23 – 26 (Deepavali long weekend)

** Deepavali date will have to be re-confirmed with the Hindu Almanac when available

 2014 Tenggol group trip dates

March 6 – 9

May 9 – 12

July 25 – 28 (Hari Raya Puasa long weekend)

September 25 – 28

Just to remind you of our ongoing promotion again! Any Redang/Tenggol trip book by 28 Feb 2014 will be entitled to a 10% early bird special. Hurry up now and mark the dates on your personal calendar!

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Create a personal and special diving experience for you or with your group of friends over at Redang and Tenggol with Deep Blue Scuba now!

If you’re interested, do ring us up at 6557 2705 or drop us an email at [email protected]!

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