What Creature Has A Huge Pair Of Black Eyes With A Seemingly Never-Ending Tail?

Looking for a dive destination that has it all? Mantas, sharks, wreck, coral and macro all in one? There’s a place for you then, you should dive at least once in the deep blue sea of Malapascua!


Just like every restaurant has its own signature dish, do you then know what’s Malapascua ‘signature dish’? Yeah, its their super well known Thresher Sharks!!


Malapascua is the only dive destination where you get to dive with Thresher sharks every day. Do you know that Thresher shark is a deep water shark and is very shy? However, Monad Shoal dive site is home to many of the cleaning stations and in the early mornings, these sharks surface up to shallow water for a scrub. Why Malapascua in particular with the extremely frequent sights of Thresher sharks? No one really knows why!

Occasionally, manta rays, hammerheads and reef sharks are will visit the waters of Malapascua!

images (4).jpg_46439426_hammerhead466.jpg

Imagine this, you lay still with minimum movement on the seabed waiting for Thresher sharks to appear for its daily scrub. The sense of anticipation starts building up into you every minute that has silently passed. Now finally, one of these elegant creature lazily swim out of the mist approaching your direction with huge black eyes of theirs, with a tail that seemed never-ending behind it. At that moment, without realizing it, you’re breathing heavily with every single breath, gasping in awe of these magnificent creatures that is currently performing a show right in front of you that by the end of your dive, you’re literally dragging your fins, refusing to leave the site!

Other than their famously known Thresher sharks, you’ll be spoilt with choices as Malapascua has a great variety of dive sites that provide you with unique and different experiences of diving each time! You’ll get to experience wreck diving, amazing macro and muck diving, wall diving and even beautiful coral gardens to dive at. You’re able to expect diving together with a huge diversity of marine life, given a variety of dive sites. Thus, get ready your camera and you will realize that you are unable to stop taking pictures of every single moment of your dives!

Here are a few dive sites that it’s a must-to-go other than Monad Shoal!

1) Gato Island

There’s a saying that “You come to Malapascua to see Thresher sharks but you leave the island remembering Gato!” Gato Island is a marine reserve and sea snake sanctuary. One can simply do three different dives at Gato. Often, you are able to spot banded sea snakes, mating cuttlefish (cuttlefish is common, but have you once seen them mating!?), flamboyant cuttlefish, pygmy seahorses, frogfish, smashing mantis shrimp, whitetip, bamboo and cat sharks! WOW! Besides that, this island is filled with unique rock formations, overhangs and swim-throughs.


There’s the Gato – The Guardhouse where it’s a drop down to 24m to search for the extremely rare tiny weeny pink and yellow Pygmy Seahorses. Spider crabs, painted frogfish and nudibranchs are also commonly spotted in this South Wall.

images (2).jpgYellow-Pygmy-Seahorse-in-Cabilao.jpgspider crab _Chirostylus sp__.jpg

The main highlight of Gato is Gato – The Cave! Well, it’s more accurately knows as “The Tunnel.” You’ll start diving underneath Gato and appear from the other side of Gato! You will need a torch to dive in this tunnel. This tunnel is about 30m long and it houses all the usual cave dwellers. Countless types of big and small crabs and lobsters, some large puffer fish and even bamboo and cat sharks!

Without realizing, you are actually playing a hide-and-seek game while swimming through the tunnel. You will get to experience face to face surprises with Whitetip reef sharks and upon then, realized their existence in the tunnel!


Have you heard of the Mandarin Fish? Yes, they are indeed one of the most beautiful fish in the world. The dives at lighthouse are usually in the late afternoon and you know what, you might be able to catch Mandarin Fish mating in their full glory! We are sure you do not want to miss the opportunity of watching the exotic mating dance of the male and his adoring females.


At night, you will commonly see seahorses, pipefish, banded sea snakes, many different types of shrimps, schools of squid, starry night octopus and the occasional blue-ringed octopus!



Now, other than these two dive sites that we have highlighted, there are just simply too many other exciting dive sites to talk about!

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Thresher shark says bye!

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