Want To Look Like A Superhero Underwater?

Didn’t X-men movie just passed and Transformers is coming right up? After watching these superheroes movies, how about looking like one underwater? Yeah, an underwater superhero! So, what gear exactly makes you like one? Make a guess and yes,  it will be… the Gull Vader mask!


The Gull Vader mask gives you a wider view of vision. It is made up of 100% soft silicone skirt and gives you a comfortable seal on your face. No longer want to surface up with a mask shape mark printed on your face every single time? You should consider getting the vader mask then! Also, as you can see, this mask is made up of a single lens and are tinted. A little curious what are the tinted lens for? Let us share with you! This tinted lens is actually uv-coated and it provides you the extra protection for your eyes. The polarized lens in addition makes everything underwater seems clearer and the visual looks better! Furthermore, wearing this vader mask makes you look soooo cool and for those divers who do not like to show people your eyes (maybe while taking photos!), this is a must-buy mask for you! The Gull Vader mask comes in various colours for you to choose from!

  • Black Silicone X  Red Frame
  • Black Silicone X Blue Frame
  • Black Silicone X Copper Frame
  • Black Silicone X White Frame
  • Black Silicone X Silver Frame
  • Black Silicone X Orange Frame
  • Black Silicone X Black Frame
  • White Silicone X White Frame

DSCF8218-0 download DSCF5664

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