5 Reasons Why Divers Love Dayang Island

Top Five Reasons to Dive in Dayang Island

Diving season in Peninsular Malaysia is fast approaching. We are so thrilled to be back diving again to the all time favourite dive destination – Dayang Island. We gather that you are getting exactly the same itch to once again explore this particular piece of underwater haven this part of the planet. We feel you!

We bet you have tons of reasons to dive in Dayang Island again. You might well agree that we can sum it up as:

1. The Island Experience

The resort being the only accommodation in the island provide the much needed time out from the

bustling city life. A weekend spent reasonably close to the nature and its simplicity.
03.Dayang Jetty.2 - Dominic Ling
05.Dayang Dining Hall - Dominic Ling 04.Dayang's Elephant Rock View - Shaun Gilmour 06.Dayang Chalet - Dominic Ling 07.Dayang - Rock Formation


2. The Beach

Dayang’s white sand beach is one of its dominant attraction. We can just easily spend the whole day lounging, sun bathing, playing volleyball by the beach. (That is — if we dare to pass the opportunity to dive!)

08.Dayang Beach.1 - Dominic Ling 09.Dayang Sunset - Shaun Gilmour

3. The Food

The food, the food, the food! Who could forget the buffet meals in Dayang Island? Going back as many times as we want and to our heart’s content, our tummies indeed are very well fed! We were always so ready to burn the calories from breakfast (choice of toasts, prata, beehon, fruits, coffee, tea, juices); lunch (chicken curry, fried fish, veggies, fruits, juices); afternoon snack (red bean soup, goreng pisang) and the awaited dinner highlighted by lamb chops, variety of BBQ and pasta dish.

4. The Visibility

Dayang Island boasts of a good visibility with the average ranging from 15m to 20m. During those days with outstanding weather and sea conditions, visibility could even go as much as 30m or more.

10.Dominic Ling 11.Dominic Ling 12.Dominic Ling 13.Dominic Ling

Credits to Dominic Ling (OWSI) for the photos.

5. The Marine Life

What do we see in Dayang Island? Here you go:

14.Sea Fan - Shaun Gilmour 15.Crab - Shaun Gilmour 16.Jellyfish - Shaun Gilmour 17 18 1920.Clownfish - Shaun Gilmour 21.Clark's Anemonefish - Shaun Gilmour 22.Butterflyfish - Shaun Gilmour 23.Batfish - Shaun Gilmour 24.Bumphead Parrotfish - Shaun Gilmour 25.Stingray - Shaun Gilmour 26.Baby Cuttlefish - Shaun Gilmour 27.Cuttlefish - Shaun Gilmour 28.Stone Fish - Shaun Gilmour 29.Night Dive - Shaun Gilmour

Credits to Shaun Gilmour (OWSI) for the underwater photos.

You must have more reasons and you want to share with us, too. So, grab your gear and join us on our upcoming trip to Dayang Island!

Group Departing Dates:

13 – 15 March 2015

02 – 05 April 2015 (Good Friday Long Weekend)

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