Diving at Tenggol 2015

Dive Tenggol 2015!
Ahoy Divers,
Any plans for Vesak Day Weekend yet?
No? Fret not, because we are heading to Tenggol, Malaysia from 29th May to 1st June!
Tenggol-one of the islands located at the northeastern part of Malaysia, near Redang and Anambas. As it is located further away from peninsula Malaysia, there are lesser divers in this area so you can get to enjoy its untouched landscape with your loved ones. When we think of Tenggol, we think of a sweet getaway from bustling cities, pristine beaches, inviting waters, salty kisses and happy faces!

Tenggol Beach

Photo Credits: Robert Sepulveda

Whilst diving in the waters on a good day, you’ll be rewarded with a scenic view of tropical fishes, moray eels, turtles, and even sharks!
On the previous trip in April, our friendly crew caught sight of a some sea creatures underwater!

Tenggol Moray

Photo Credits: Robert Sepulveda

Tenggol Turtle
Photo Credits: Robert Sepulveda
Don’t worry about getting lost from looking at the scenic sites underwater, because our Dive Instructors would be more than happy to guide you along and share diving tips with you as well!
One of our Instructors: Takuya!


Photo Credits: Robert Sepulveda

Back in Coral Beach Resort, you can get to mingle around with other fellow Divers through a game of ol’ school Jenga! Be prepared to undergo a technology detox, away from your Boss’s Bird’s Eye View!

Tenggol Jenga

Photo Credits: Robert Sepulveda, https://www.facebook.com/AnotherTraveler, https://AnotherTraveler.com/
To vouch for the perfect place to unwind this upcoming holiday, feel free to read up about a recent blog post by Robert from Another Traveler, at https://www.anothertraveler.com/is-tenggol-worth-the-8-hour-bus-ride-from-singapore/ !
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