Experience The Beginner Scuba Diving Course

Experience The Beginner Scuba Diving Course

Hello, nice to meet you, the future open water diver. Since you have landed on this page, that explains everything – it means that you are interested in signing up the beginner’s Scuba Diving lesson known as Open Water Diver Course! The most important point to note is that you want to experience the beautiful underwater world too, right? Haha…  Look no further, if you are really interested, keep on reading…..

Experience The Scuba Diving Course – Photo credit : Gavin

The Open Water Diver Course comprises of 3 Simple Components to becoming a certified diver.

Theory Lesson

Scuba Diving Theory Class

For the theory component, there will be two parts to this – Nowadays, a lot of classes are providing e-learning whereby we are able to read and do the knowledge online at our own pace.

After you have completed your knowledge reviews, you will be scheduled to attend a theory class whereby an instructor will go through with the class and clarify doubts before the exam. The exam itself consists of 50 multiple choice questions and if you pay attention, it will be a breeze to pass the exam!

The Open Water Diver Theory lesson is scheduled to suit most people who are working in Singapore. Just bear in mind that the course will take at least two weeks to complete. No worries, if you are on a tight schedule, you can do a referral course with us.

Pool Session

Scuba diving pool session
Scuba Diving Pool Session – Stationary Skills

The pool session is also known as confined water session after you have attended the theory class and pass your exam. Pool sessions are essential to get you comfortable with the dive equipment and underwater skills.

You will have an unforgettable experience to breathe underwater for the first time in the confined pool, so no worries & have fun! No joke.., you will definitely enjoy the open sea dives much more when you are competent and comfortable in the water. So what are you waiting for?

There will be a prerequisite of 200m swim or a 300m snorkel test, plus a 10-minute tread water test.

The skills you will be learning how to assemble and put on the dive equipment, recognise hand signals underwater, basic skills like Clear a partially flooded mask, clear a fully flooded mask, clear a fully flooded mask and etc…. There more to learn, though, interested to find out more? Join us now…


Enjoying Scuba diving- Pool session
Enjoying Scuba Diving- Pool session

A note to remember, the most important thing is to keep breathing and never hold your breath! Relax and enjoy yourself underwater. The second most important thing is to practice, practice and practice all you can in the confined pool session. The more you practice, the more confident you will become out at sea!


Open Water Trip

Scuba Diving At Open Sea
Scuba Diving At Open Sea – Open Water Course

Finally the much awaited open water dives are here – we have trips every weekend to either Bintan or Tioman!

The clear and blue underwater world will not only enrich your life but also change your view of the deep blue sea. It’ll take your breath away. The secret and mystery of the underwater world are simply waiting for you.

To complete the Open Water Dive Course, you will need to complete at least four dives. In these four dives, we will help you to practice and master the skills you had learned from the confined pool sessions.

However, in certain cases, we will be offering a fifth dive for those students who may need more practice or have not mastered a certain skill. But usually, the fifth dive will most likely be your first leisure dive and helps you to build up your confidence and further fine-tune your buoyancy control.


Scuba Diving Open Sea Trip - Tioman
Scuba Diving Open Water Trip – Tioman

Speaking from experience, a tip I can share with you guys is to equalize gently, instead of forcefully. Most of the new divers make this mistake because they were too eager to descend. That’s what happened to me because I can’t wait to explore the marine life underwater! I came back with an ear inflammation at the end of the trip. So just bear that in mind, new divers!

Diving is a relaxing and enjoyable sport, and you should sign up for an experience in a world like no other. It’s calming and eye-opening, especially for me because I love the serenity of the sea. For those planning to continue acquiring more diving specialties, you can also check out our specialty courses here.

If you are reading and have questions that you wanna clarify, just leave a comment below or email me at [email protected]!

Dive Safe,


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