Why I Fall In Love With Scuba Diving

Why I Fall In Love With Scuba Diving 

Friends ever asked me why I learned scuba diving,

“Don’t I find it dangerous?”

“Why am I still falling in love with diving?”

Indeed, it is dangerous but adventurous too!

Scuba diving is adventurous

I loved the adventure. I always wanted to dive down the deep blue ocean to see how it looks like. But it wasn’t easy for me as I am not a confident swimmer. Breathing through this metal thing call regulator? Wearing the mask? I do not even know how to snorkel!
I took the leap of faith and just went for it!

There are 3 sessions consisting of theory, confined pool and finally, the open water dive.

I passed my theory. Phew! Here comes the pool session and it was my nightmare! The skills were difficult for me and I did not complete my first pool session. I was demoralized at the end of the day.

But Thanks to my loved one who gave me encouragement and asked me to go for another pool session.
The Instructors was so encouraging, motivating and guided my patiently along the way.

Finally, Open water dive…. Happy and exciting!

Scuba Diving Buddies
Scuba Diving Buddies And Instructor

It was fine on my first two dive and I managed to clear most of the skills. But on the third dive, (sigh…) while doing the alternative air sharing, I have difficulty breathing through my buddy alternative air source. I panicked and tried to ascend to the surface immediately. My fear overwhelmed my thoughts, even though I knew the danger of a quick ascend. The Open Water Instructor tried to calm me down and slowed the ascent while passing me his primary air source. I was unable to clear the open water on this trip due to the injury sustained on my previous dive and I was having difficulty equalizing throughout the rest of dive.

I told myself: “it’s ok! this is not the end of the world, I will try my best again!”
Ta-ta! On 30 Sept 2016, I went for my 2nd attempt on the Open water in Tioman and finally I manage to complete all four required dives despite having an injury on my ankle after my 3rd dive.

The learning did not stop here and I am going for my advanced adventure again or more to come.

Scuba Diving - I Make It

I start falling in love with scuba diving, the moment I took my first breath underwater, I knew my whole life had changed. I love the silence, it just felt like I am escaping from the world. The only thing I could hear was the bubbling sound as I breathe through the regulator. I love the feeling of weightlessness and relaxing when I dive!




Thank you Fionn for writing this inspiring post about your open water journey! I am glad that you fell in love with scuba diving and Deep Blue Scuba hopes to dive with you soon!

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