Ways To Stop Your Scuba Diving Mask From Fogging

Ways To Stop Your Scuba Diving Mask From Fogging – Part 1

Foggy Scuba Diving Mask

Are you wondering why your scuba diving mask kept fogging up after using so many types of the defogging agent? For most of us who were taking a scuba diving course or had wanted to explore the underwater world but half of the times, we can’t see clearly and miss out the beautiful marine life/reefs  because of our diving mask fog up. So what are the ways to stop your scuba diving mask from fogging up?

For all new scuba diving masks. Basically, the manufacturers actually coat a layer of protective chemical on the lenses to protecting it from scratching. Without removing the coating, your scuba diving will keep fogging no matter how much saliva you spit on it or how much defogging agent you apply.

Don’t get me wrong spitting saliva and defogging agent is very useful on your mask after you had removed the coating on the lenses. If not, I guarantee that it will still fog up very easily, like a few seconds.                  

So what do we do to remove the coating?

White Toothpaste

This method had been proven that it is the cheapest and most effective way of removing the chemical coating. But please purchase that normal toothpaste with no special chemical like bleaching or whitening.

Actually is very simple, just spread a small amount of the toothpaste on the lenses inward and rub on it gently for a few minutes and left it overnight. Rinse it and left it to dry. Repeat the process for a few nights till you feel the texture on the lenses getting more smoother. Place your mask back on and try to inhale into your mask and see whether your scuba diving mask fog up easily. If yes, repeat the process again. For an enjoyable diving experience is worth it. It is better than getting frustrated underwater right or miss out any marine life you wanted to see.

See the image below –

Step 1 : Place The Mask Strap In Front Of The Mask

New Scuba Diving Mask


Step 2 : Squeeze A Small Amount Of Toothpaste Onto Your Finger

Apply some toothpaste onto the scuba diving mask


Step 3:Apply And Rub Evenly Onto The Lens

Apply toothpaste onto scuba diving maskRub evenly on the lens


Step 4: Left It Over Night And Rinse With Water


defogging scuba diving mask

Using white toothpaste is one of the ways that you can try to stop your scuba diving mask from fogging. Have you tried using the white toothpaste method before? We could learn from each other or you could drop by drop Deep Blue Scuba if you have any question.

Feel free to share your experience with us and others too. 🙂

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  1. I have used this method. But not left overnite. Instead, had done so each time i dive. It works well. Taught by my sifu (dive instructor). Much much better than saliva. That’s why i have a small tube of toothpaste in my dive bag. Ha…


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