Deep Blue Scuba At ADA Appreciation Night 2016

Deep Blue Scuba At ADA Appreciation Night 2016

2016 is drawing to an end and 2017 is coming in just a few days! Have you made any plans for diving in the new deep-blue-scubayear?

Deep Blue Scuba was invited by Asia dive Academy (ADA) to attend ADA Appreciation Night for the 3rd consecutive year. It is one of the most prestigious events in the scuba diving industry. During ADA Appreciation Night, dive professionals and industry members are awarded and recognised for their contributions to the diving industry.

Divers and industry leaders from all over Southeast Asia gathered together to showcase their passion for diving. During the award presentations, the passion and support from all of the scuba divers in the audience was resounding.


This year the show was bigger than ever. No doubt, it is the premier scuba diving appreciation night.

Ada Appreciation Night - Queuing-up

Admission opens for the night and queue starts getting longer, seats start to fill up with the audiences waiting eagerly for the ceremony to begin.

Deep Blue Scuba - Scuba Divers cheering

The ceremony begins and the , excitement, applause and cheering from all the divers could be heard echoing through the whole auditorium, supporting their favorite dive instructors and divemasters.

Mr. & Ms Instructor 2016

ADA Appreciation Night - Mr-Instructor

Deep Blue Scuba - Ms-Instructor

Mr. & Ms Instructor, Arnab Santra and Karan Teo have been instructors for many years.  They teach  their students not just to be  good scuba divers, but also cultivate in them a sense of responsibility and the awareness towards the marine environment.

Mr. Instructor, Arnab Santra won a 4 Day, 3 Nights free diving trip to Manado, Indonesia!

Ms Instructor, Karan Teo also won a 5 Days 4 Nights free diving trip to Bohol, Philippines!

Top Certifier Instructor 2016

ADA Appreciation Night - Top-certified instructor

Yes is him again. Arnab Santra the Top Certifier. He is not only  Mr Instructor but has also certified the most number of students in 2016. Arnab wears many hats as he teaches a range of courses from Open Water course to Divemaster course. He had became quite the main focus of the night because he also won this award last year.

He won another 7D6N Liveaboard at Raja Ampat.

Top water open Instructor 2016

Deep Blue Scuba - Top Open Water Instructor

Another Instructor who spent most of his weekends on trip teaching and assessing  students. The most important thing is to ensure that they are ready to be certified to be open water divers. It was a pity that Thomas Lee wasn't able to attend the ceremony due to work commitments.

Top Theory Instructor

Deep Blue Scuba - Top theory Instructor

Seato Tan is another instructor who spends his free time teaching new scuba divers and equipping them during pool sessions with the knowledge needed for their open water trips.

Best New Instructor

Deep Blue Scuba - Best New Instructor

Sebastian Ku had just become an instructor this year, and we congratulate him for winning this award. It is our wish that he wins even more awards next year. Top certifier perhaps?

Ms. Divemaster & Mr. Divermaster

ADA Appreciation - Ms Divemaster

Deep Blue Scuba - Mr divemaster

In short, divemasters will always be there to assist instructors in training student divers, helping students who are having difficulty with skills and ensuring that the pool sessions and trips run smoothly. The divemaster of this year, Julian Dermawan, was  awarded a 5 Days 4 Nights free diving trip to Phuket, Thailand

Top Pool Divemaster

Deep Blue Scuba - Top Pool Divermaster

Every weekend, the pool divermasters will be at the pool assisting instructors and making sure the pool sessions will run smoothly. Their most important role is helping students  solve and overcome their problems during the pool session.

Ada Appreciation night - door-gift

For this year, ADA Appreciate Night 2016, we had generous sponsors providing us door gifts (Safe Sea Sunscreen) to give away to every diver that attended the ceremony. We look forward to you joining us next year! Here’s to another season of heart stopping adventures under the sea!

Deep Blue Scuba changing-life-through-diving

We Believe In Changing Life Through Diving!!!

Deep Blue Scuba Crews' photo

Last but not least, congrats to all Deep Blue Scuba's instructors and divemasters - Karan Teo, Thomas Lee, Seato Tan,Sebastian Ku,Julian Dermawan and Tan Caiyi. A perfect way to end 2016!

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