3 Basic Steps To Choose A Scuba Diving Mask

3 Basic Steps To Choose A Scuba Diving Mask

Scuba diving mask is the very first dive equipment that most of the divers/beginners will purchase when they first start diving. And scuba diving mask is also one of the most important pieces of gears for scuba diving. Why?

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It is because it’s seriously not enjoyable when the water kept getting into your mask and you have to keep clearing your mask every now and then. Just imagine you had spent quite a sum of to go for a dive trip and instead of sharing your excitement of what you see and what’s different experience you had but you complaining that you had to keep clearing your mask because water keep getting in.


How to choose a scuba diving mask

There are thousand and one mask out in the market and how do you choose the right one? There are no one mask fits all, to my understanding all mask don’t come with sizes but come with different model. Some is smaller and some is bigger so you have try the mask and not just look it.

Once again the most important fact that most of new diver miss out/ignore, please choose the mask that fit you first over brand,style,color and price. Don’t choose the other way round.


Step 1: Mask Fitting


First, place the mask on your face without putting the mask strap over your head or you can adjust loosen the mask strap. Gently apply some pressure on the front of the mask and breath in through the nose. The mask should stay on your face without dropping, that’s what we called good fitting.

But if its does stay on your face the first, maybe you can check whether are there hair in between when you are trying. Make sure there is nothing trapping in between the skirting and your face. Try again, if its still didn’t stay on your face forget this mask because this mask doesn’t fit you.


Step 2: Able To Pinch Your Nose For Equalize

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Let say the mask fit you, the next thing you have to look out for is that you must be able to pinch your nose because you will need to pinch your nose for equalizing when you are descending. Though there is other techniques to equalize but this is the most common one.
Maybe you will be wondering why? Because for some of the mask, the nose pocket is really big that you can barely touch your nose.


Step 3: Simulate Mask Squeeze

Lastly, place your mask on your face again and this time breath in slightly more harder will do.
After breathing in, listen carefully if there is any leaking like “shh……” sound. If there is, that mean this mask doesn’t fit you at all because if you experience mask squeeze underwater, water will start getting into your mask.

So after you had tired the above 3 basic ways and the mask didn’t you give any problem. Great!!! You have found your mask.

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