9 Basic Scuba Diving Equipment That You Need

When you first interested in learning scuba diving course,  you will definitely wonder what are the scuba diving equipment you will need because you understand that we are not designed to breathe underwater, dive, see or stay warm.

When starting to learn and explore the beauty of the underwater world, you will learn to adapt scuba dive equipment that allows you to compensate breathing as you are not designed to do underwater.

Below we will go through 9 basic scuba diving gear that you will need and also how they function and you will outfit yourself in no time.

Deep Blue Scuba - Seac Mask & Snorkel


The scuba diving mask creates an air space in between your eyes and the lenses that allow you see underwater. The nose pocket covers your nose so you can equalize the pressure build up in your ear when you descending down.

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The snorkel allows you to conserve air in your scuba tank when you are on the surface when you are swimming face down or allows you to breathe easily when the surface is choppy.


Deep Blue Scuba - Seac Propulsion Fins

Scuba diving fins allow you to swim freely like a fish underwater which 800 times denser than air.

There are full foot fins or open heel fins. Using full-foot fins you do not need booties while using open-heel fins require you to wear booties for proper fit.

For example the Seac Propulsion fins on the right, the blade allows perfect performance/force compromise. The fluid dynamic channels collect, contain, and channel water with no dispersion. The ample shoe offers the right comfort and support. The two-button safety buckle prevents accidental opening in water.

Deep Blue Scuba - Seac-Sub-Prime-Booties


Scuba diving booties not only provide a proper fitting for your open-heel fins, it also provides you a better grip on the boat.Most of the time the dive deck is quite wet so wearing booties also prevent you from slipping.

Alternative, it also acts as a sunblock.


Deep Blue Scuba - Seac-Sub-Mens-Body-Fit-Wetsuit

The scuba diving wetsuit is known as exposure suits that prevent you from heat loss or insulate you again cold water. Even in warm water, you will also experience heat loss and you will experience heat loss 20 times faster in water than on land.

Wetsuit which is made from neoprene rubber act as an insulation by trapping warm water heat up by your body in between your body and wetsuit

Wetsuit helps or prevent you from scrapes, stings and also act as a sunblock.

Dive Computer

Deep Blue Scuba - Mares Smart Pro Dive Com

All thanks to technology. The dive computer is an advanced equipment that allows you to monitor your depth, the NDL(no-decompression limit) that you can dive underwater, remind you of the safety stop, plan your dive, no fly time automatically. Instead of calculating manually with the dive table. It also helps you to record your dive and show your dive profile.

Some more advanced models also display how much air you have left with a transmitter on your scuba tank. The dive computer is commonly used these days.

Surface Marker Buoy( SMB)

Deep Blue Scuba - Surface Marker Buoy



There are many different types of SMB, normally it is deployed at 5 meters when doing the safety stop. It is to alert the other boats that there are divers below or ascending and also can use to get the attention of the boat crews. SMB is highly recommended to every scuba diver.

Buoyancy Compensator (BC)Deep Blue Scuba - Seac Sub EGO BCD

BC is one of the most important scuba diving equipment you’ll own eventually. It is a device that let you feel like a jacket that carries a tank, let you establish positive buoyancy on the surface like a life jacket and also allow you to establish neutral buoyancy underwater

BC do have an internal bladder that allows you to inflate and deflate by using the power inflator


Deep Blue Scuba -Seac Regulator

Regulator allows you to breathe underwater and is connected to your scuba diving that supplying air to you when inhale. There is also an alternate air source called octopus. Normally is longer and is yellow in color. Octopus act as a backup air source for emergency use.

Its usually come in 2 parts/stages - The first stage is the device that converts high-pressure air to an inter-mitten pressure that delivers to your regulator and the regulator will then convert ambient pressure for you to breathe comfortably.
Your regulator connects to your tank, delivering air to your mouth when you inhale. An octopus is a backup regulator. It usually has a longer hose and a bright yellow body so it's easy to find and can be used by others in an emergency. 

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