Basic Diving Course In Singapore


If you are looking for basic diving course in Singapore, normally its will came out as Open Water Diver Course. That was the actual name of it.

I had went looking for basic diving course on goggle and later on I learnt that its call Open Water Diver Course. I had sign up the course with Deep Blue Scuba. The sign up process was fast, they actually cater the course for working adults and students. Why do I say that?

They had a smooth course structure.

Open Water Course Theory Lesson

There are only 1 theory class where we are able to do those reading and knowledge online during our free time. And the theory class was in the evening which is excellent that I do not have to take leave to attend it and I can go after my work. During the theory class, the instructor will go through more important facts, information, and skills that we will need during our pool and open sea dive. Then we had to take a 50 question test with the passing rate of 80%.

Scuba Diving Pool Session/Confined Water

There is also only 1 pool session that they had structure it so we do not have to keep coming for the pool session. Its start from 9am - 4pm. Although it's quite a long session but we able to learn all we need to know for our open sea dive in one session. As a working adult, sometime time is not at our side and they understand enough to structure it to cater for us instead for us to come back a few session.

Scuba Diving Open Sea Dive

For the open sea dive, 2 destinations were offered to me, Bintan  which is only 2D1N with only 2-3 hours travel!  it is more convenient for me because I was only free on Saturday and Sunday, Bintan accommodation is right next to the ocean itself! They also told me that there is a big Varity of food  for me to choose from, Another destination  will be 3D2N Tioman which is depart on Friday evening and come back at Sunday night. The journey there will take around 6 - 7 hours  from Singapore to Tioman.

What is Deep Blue Scuba's open water course?

The open water course allows he/she to dive anywhere around the globe. The open water course is the entry level for any person that is interested in taking a journey into the world of diving. Place to go like Tenggol, Bali, Anilao, Maldive and many more...

If interested, just drop Deep Blue Scuba for more info. I believe they will be more happy to provide you ya... 🙂 Sign up now and take your first step to the underwater world, you will definitely love it.

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