Learning Scuba Diving With My Dad And Friend

Learning Scuba Diving With My Dad & Friend

 I was interested in diving because a diving certification would have given me a chance to have my internship overseas at Maldives. My father was also interested in the idea and both of us decided to sign up for the SSI Open Water Diver course at Deep Blue Scuba after a few hours of searching for diving schools in Singapore online.
Along with my father’s friend and his son, the four of us signed up for the course. The staff at the Deep Blue Scuba were really nice and helpful, giving some useful tips on diving and sharing some diving tales. The SSI e-learning material were easily accessible and the content was understandable. My father and I only studied for the theory test a few days before but still managed to pass! The pool training was pretty fun as well! The instructor had great sense of humour and always made sure that we mastered the skills we needed to know! He and the divemaster will chat with us and the rest of the class, getting to know each of us and it made the pool session much more fun!
The following weekend, the four of us went to the Bintan Agro Beach Resort on the southeastern coast of Bintan island for the 4 dives we needed to finish the course. The instructor and dive master were both super friendly! They would always tell us about their diving trips and experiences with bigger fish in the sea :D.
The weather was sunny with some sea breeze and the water was even clearer. The instructor told my group that we were super lucky that the visibility was at least 7m (we could see our fins in the water). The first two dives were to practise the skills we learnt during pool training and the remaining two dives were the next morning where our group went further out to a huge reef near Umbrella Rock. Compared to the pool water, the sea water stings my eyes a lot but after a few mask clearings, the sting is barely noticeable! There were so many different types of fish living in the corals! We found a box fish, kite fish, even a few baby stingrays! There’s really nothing compared to diving in the open sea where the underwater world unfolds with colours and various marine life.

Initially, I didn’t like the idea of having volumes of water over my head or the dryness in my throat because breathing the dry air from the air tank. After the course, I felt like I’m much more confident moving around under several feet of water. It actually becomes more of a joy and an adventure than something I had to complete just to get qualified for the Maldives internship. The dry sensation in my throat was barely noticeable when I was floating above the coral reefs and looking at the fish swim around our diving group. Everyone in the scuba diving group was also open-minded and adventurous, which made the scuba diving experience all the more enjoyable!
Thanks Lawrence and Nigel for a really exciting pool training, really appreciated all the encouragement you guys gave! Thanks Benny, Tong and Andy for supervising, teaching and taking care of us throughout the whole trip. And lastly thanks Deep Blue Scuba too. I hope we can meet during another scuba diving trip again!

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