Basic Scuba Diving Equipment That You Need – Scuba Diving Mask

Basic Scuba Diving Equipment That You Need - Scuba Diving Mask

There are different brand and model of scuba diving mask out there, so actually choosing a new scuba diving mask can be overwhelming! Try out a few more of different kinds of masks that are available in the shop and then decide. Don't just purchase the first mask that fit you

Scuba diving mask is one of the 9 scuba diving equipment that a diver must need. So spend some time to understand the differences between each scuba diving masks.

In the market today, masks are either single lens or dual lens, the mask skirting normally made from clear or colored silicone rubber. For most new divers prefer the clear skirting because it’s allowed more light to getting into your eyes that made them felt like a wider vision

For the lenses, it is usually made by tempered glass because when the tempered glass breaks, it’s still cling together and forms fewer pieces unlike the standard glass.

What Does A Scuba Diving Mask Provide?

The scuba diving mask creates an air space in front of your eyes that allows light to enter normally so that divers can focus and see clearly underwater. The nose pocket allows divers to equalize the air pressure in your mask as you go deeper to avoid barotrauma known as mask squeeze.

Not One Scuba Masks Fit All 

New divers do not realize that scuba diving masks need to be fit. All of us have different face shapes so do not buy a mask if it does not fit correctly. An unfitting mask can leak or press uncomfortably on a diver's face. So it is extremely important to determine a mask's fit before purchasing.

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