Scuba Diving Is An Adventure



What started as a purely spontaneous decision to take up scuba diving has turned into a passion…

It wasn’t too long ago – when we chanced upon Deep Blue Scuba (DBS) During that time, we were rather unsure of what we were getting into. Question aplenty running in our heads – What would scuba diving be like? How would be go about getting certified? Etc.

But all the uncertainties were unfounded. Right from the start, the folks at DBS were really friendly and accommodating. They were really systematic and patient in explaining the process of obtaining an OWD certification. The theory sessions too were well planned with regular updates given for trip certifications…




Before we knew it… we’re off to Bintan for the very first dive trip (& certification)…

Sunny weather, cool sea breeze and a great view. Bintan Agro Resort, on the southeastern coast of the island was the place where we would be taking our Open Water Diver certifications.


Amidst the pristine waters – we spent our first 2 dives practicing the skills we learned during the confined pool session. The following dives were spent venturing out to coral reefs and exploring the abundant marine life… Scuba diving in the open unlocks an underwater world with colours and marine life….




The thirst for diving never ends! Few months & several leisure dives later, it’s time to take up the Advanced Adventurer (AA) Course. This time… Off to DiveInn Bali!


Located on the Northeastern coast of the island – Dive Inn Bali (the dive resort) would be the place we would be staying & diving from. With dive sites located within walking distance (Yes! Walking Distance…) from the resort, we couldn’t ask for more!



Clear Waters & good visibility only make the dives in Bali even better. From Wrecks to Reefs – Bali has (almost) everything… Not to mention the impeccable views too.


For advanced adventurer course is the introduction of the 5 Specialties Courses – we were required to skills such as navigation, deep diving, drift diving, night diving, wreck diving or others. Our instructor Benny taught us really well & was a joy to dive with.


The Scuba Dive journey has just begun and there is much more to be learnt. One will know who and what you may encounter on your next dive. Diving has only piqued our interest in the ocean even more….


Kudos to Deep Blue Scuba, Instructor Benny & everyone at Dive Inn Bali for an amazing trip!


“The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder… forever”

– Jacques Cousteau


Next up… Diver Stress & Rescue Course!

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