Here’s How You Can Still Boost Your Diving Expertise During the Monsoon Season

The cruel weather and treacherous waters brought by the monsoon season may result to fewer dive trips for you -- but do not be heartbroken yet because there are still ways to advance your diving prowess and marine intelligence. These specialty courses bundle will doubtlessly widen your scuba diving expertise!

  1. Perfect buoyancy + Nitrox Course

Safety and longer dive times are utterly significant in diving. This program will allow you to have adequate knowledge about safe diving and longer stay deep down. It is also a prerequisite for getting involved in Technical Diving.

  1. Perfect buoyancy + Shark Ecology

This one is perfect if you are a fan of these ocean lords. Taking the Shark Ecology program will show you on how sharks and their behaviour are often misunderstood, and how you can safely observe them in their natural habitat.

  1. Perfect buoyancy + Coral Identification

Coral reefs are significant in building many ocean ecosystems. This program will equip you with the skills and concepts required to recognise and identify common families of coral species. It will also teach you the discipline of protecting and conserving them.

  1. Perfect buoyancy + Fish Identification

If you are an ichthyophile or someone who has a special fondness of fish, you’ll definitely jump head first to sign up for this course. This non-diving specialty program teaches you the skills and concepts required to identify the common families of Caribbean, Indo-Pacific, and Red Sea reef fish.

  1. Perfect buoyancy + Sea Turtle Ecology

Turtles are one of the most interesting marine creatures, but many species are swiftly going on endangered status, or worst, near extinction. This program will teach you the skills and concepts required to recognize and identify common species of sea turtles, describe their history and role in marine ecosystems, and threats to their survival.

  1. Perfect buoyancy + Marine Ecology

Learn more about the underwater! Marine Ecology will provide you a general understanding of the complex and exciting science of marine ecology, which is the study of how organisms interact with each other and the environment, the flow of energy through communities, and the link between ocean ecosystems.

Remember that discipline and awareness are as important as learning how to breathe underwater. Plus, these in-depth specialty courses bundle about the ocean and the creatures that dwells in it will definitely make you appreciate your every dive more.

Explore the deep with us!

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