My First Adventure Into Scuba Diving



My First Adventure Into Scuba Diving

My first adventure into Scuba diving… Something I wanted to try but was afraid to do so. After much deliberation, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try something new – I signed up for open water diver course.

Open Water Theory Lesson

 It was interesting thanks to the energetic scuba diving instructor Mark. I expected it to be a mundane 3-hour long lecture in the late evening where I would be trying my best to stay awake and pay attention. But I was wrong. Mark delivered his lesson in a fun and interacting way and further intrigue my interest in diving.


Open Water Course Pool Session

Then it was the pool session. I was having difficulty in the beginning. However, my Instructor Xiu Fang was very patient and understanding. She gave positive reinforcement throughout the session and explained the skills in detail for me, the slower learner, to better understand. From then on, I knew that I was in good hands for my open water course.


Open Sea Dive On Mv Nautica

Deep Blue Scuba actually arranged a customized scuba diving pool session for me. The day after my pool session was my trip. I did my open water trip on the liveaboard MV Nautica to Tioman. It was a whole new experience. The instructors, dive masters and crews on board were very friendly.

We held fun small talks and boat crews were always there to help when I have problems with the heavy tanks and equipment. The diving experience was even better. My scuba diving instructor Scott was there to ensure my safety at all times. He is a very dependable instructor and with him around, I was comfortable and enjoyed the dives.

We saw beautiful corals, fishes and even a cute turtle. Before I knew it, I completed my last dive and was on my way back to Singapore.

I am very fortunate to meet such amazing instructors, dive masters and crews of my course. Without them, I would not be able to enjoy scuba diving and start my diving journey. Scuba diving leads me to another peaceful world in the ocean, where I get to temporary stay away from the fast-pace and the noisy world on land.

In the water, all you see are beautiful corals and fascinating marine creatures; all you hear are your own breathing and your own thoughts.

Now, my scuba diving journey continues, what about yours?

Trust me you will love it. Take up the Open water diver course now.


Girl that falls in love with scuba diving

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