Specialty Courses That Are Worth Investing-Part 1



I wanted to write this blog post but a rather short one is because I really wish to share with you all the specialty courses that are worth investing. Taking the perfect buoyancy course has been one of the most worthy investments that I’ve made. Initially, I thought diving is just about logging as many dives as possible and be experienced through scuba diving a lot, but this specialty course has taught me the importance of having perfect buoyancy underwater while scuba diving.


What This Specialty Course Teach

This specialty course itself teaches you how to breathe correctly underwater as well as stretching your breathing limits. It’s also taught me the different fining techniques that can be used during scuba diving.

One of the examples is that during the pool training I thought I could not dive through the pool in one breath, but through the guidance of my instructor, I managed to dive and swim across the pool in one single breath. During my open water diver course, I realized that I depend way too much on my weights and felt that I’m always floating too much.


What Do I Feel After Taking The Perfect Buoyancy Course

After this specialty course, I feel much more comfortable and confident when I go for a scuba diving trip. Now that when I go diving I practice what I learned and realized that it is much easier to control my buoyancy underwater with lesser weights now. Perfect Buoyancy course is definitely worth the time and enriching part of my diving experiences.

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