5 dive sites you need to explore this holiday season

People around the world are currently busy taking their time diving around their Christmas trees. What makes divers special is that Santa Claus made 5 wonderfully unique dive sites for them to indulge in during the holidays.

1. Bali, Indonesia

Ho ho ho! You must’ve been pretty nice this year, Santa’s gift for you this Christmas is to fall in love with the crystal clear waters and crazy currents of Bali. Anywhere you stay will not be anywhere away from the sea. Being close to the beach offers lots of fun aside from diving, you can go fishing, surfing, and ride a jet ski Since it’s located in the heart of the coral triangle, it is Mother Nature’s promise that whoever dive in here, will meet a combination of underwater wonders that couldn’t be found anywhere else.

5 dive sites you need to explore this Christmas

2. Pulau Tenggol, Malaysia

The very remoteness of this island is what makes it special and probably the answer to your holiday getaway dream. Pulau Tenggol is an island mainly for diving and snorkeling, because there is nothing else left to do – and what’s not to love about that? – eat, dive, and chill. You might as well give yourself a chance for a night dive in the pitch black waters during the evening and experience the thrill you’re seeking for a post-Halloween break and a pre-Christmas chill.

5 dive sites you need to explore this Christmas

3. Phuket, Thailand

Have you ever thought of giving a pearl as a gift to someone? How about the Pearl of the Andaman and make that someone yourself this Christmas! Phuket island is blanketed with different dive sites to explore on a day trip that suits different kinds of adventurer. Aside from warm waters and mild currents, the most outstanding tropical reefs on the planet are here. If you have been very nice this year, you might be surprised by Leopard or Zebra Sharks resting on the seabed during your dive. A perfect holiday in Phuket ends with a spectacular tropical sunset while you rest by the silky soft palm-lined beach drinking your cocktail.

5 dive sites you need to explore this Christmas

4. Manado, Indonesia

The diving is spread among several dive regions that make tourists from all over the world come back for more adventure. There are just so many things to do in Manado that any stay, regardless of how long it is, is never enough. If you’re longing for rich biodiversity, this trip will be the best of all the best because Manado is that thin wall between macro and micro life. Get your cameras ready for that scenic adventure you deserve for your holiday break!

5 dive sites you need to explore this Christmas

5. Malapascua, Philippines

A year worth of workload is worth rewarding with a sunken island about 20-26m that serves as home to Pelagic Thresher Sharks. These sharks are mostly seen as early as 4 am, just like what they say, the early bird catches the worm! Or as we would like to put it, eager diver catches the shark! (not literally, of course!) On your afternoon dive, lucky divers can get a glimpse of Mantas at their cleaning station. The island will give you a white sandy Christmas breeze during your stay at the beautiful white beaches soaked in pristine waters.

5 dive sites you need to explore this Christmas


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