5 Most Romantic Underwater Creatures

While humans get the warm fuzzy feeling, the sparks, the joy, the excitement and the romance, you can’t help but think if animals experience the same way. Surprisingly, they do! Meet five of our underwater friends who do have a soppy side:

Sea horses

Sea horses prefer are pretty much old fashioned when it comes to dating. Before mating, a male and female spend several days dancing around each other.  They size up one another whether they’re fit for breeding. Once they match up, their mating takes a strange turn. They line up and the female places her eggs inside a pouch found inside the male’s belly. About 1, 500 eggs are transferred and incubated inside male. A weird ending for a love story but gives a lesson that you have to get your partner first before getting hitched.

5 Most Romantic Underwater Creatures

Wolf eel

If you Beauty and the Beast taught us that love encompasses the physical appearance, the wolf eel gives us more hope if we think we’re too ugly to find our other half. Named as the “old men of the sea”, their gray, pebbled skin agrees with their nickname. These creatures are particularly sweet. They take turn guarding their babies, while one of them goes out to feed. Now, isn’t it that sweet? Now it may not be forever, but their partnership lasts up to 28 years. Almost the same as their lifespan!

5 Most Romantic Underwater Creatures


The wolf eel might not have their forever but the anglerfish mates for life. This guy is a sneaky one! A male anglerfish is typically smaller than the female anglerfish, the male swims up and bites her, leaving her no choice but to mate with him. Although called a love bite, it is said to be one of the most brutal. Once bitten, the male dissolve its jaw as the two fuses together. The male will then become a sexual parasite. Its fins and eyes will waste away while the female feeds on it and produces sperm. Talk about till death do us part!

5 Most Romantic Underwater Creatures

Mantis shrimp

Mantis shrimp are known to be one of the most beautiful sea creatures especially the males. They are more colorful, most probably to please their females, who appreciate their personal eye candy. Despite the heartthrob status, the mantis shrimp is monogamous. Fatherhood is another thing seeing as they have limited involvement. But they sure do make good partners by remaining together, the perfect model for the vows: For better or for worse!

5 Most Romantic Underwater Creatures

Puffer fish

Off the coast of Japan, divers discovered patterns in the sand of the seabed having no idea who or what made them. Years later, they have revealed that the sandy designs were made by a puffer fish. Small in size but its dating moves are bigger than life. Literally! A male puffer fish makes structures that are up to 7 feet by flapping their tiny fins and nudging the floor with their noses.  They also have a degree in interior designing. They decorate the place with shells and lay them onto the ridges. Now sand isn’t known to be a stable material. The structure needs constant repair by the male puffer fish. All the effort pays off when he attracts a mate. Take a lesson from them; looks aren’t always the way to get the girl. Sometimes, it’s all about the effort!

5 Most Romantic Underwater Creatures


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