Diving Anilao: Things You Should Not Miss

Diving in the Philippines started in the serene village of Anilao. Its reputation, amidst the sprouting diving destinations in the country, has remained solid. Even after so many years, Anilao has managed to preserve its pristine dive sites—making it popular among Manila-based divers, and as well as divers from around the globe.

Anilao gastronomy and culture

Anilao’s gastronomy is as sumptuous as its culture, history, and natural beauty. After a satisfying dive, one thing you should not miss while you are in Anilao is its local dishes. Anilao is located in Batangas, Philippines which is famous for its Kapeng Barako, Mami de Batangas, and special Batangas Goto. Dive into Anilao’s gastronomy: it is as psychedelic as its underwater kingdom.

Diving Anilao: Things You Should Not Miss!

Anilao’s villagers

Warm and welcoming locals—this is one of the things that keep us coming back to this diving village. People here are always smiling and are always ready to entertain tourists’ question about the destination. Just the right positivity you need after an entire day of diving.

Diving Anilao: Things You Should Not Miss!

Anilao dive sites

More than 50 dive sites graces the village of Anilao. No wonder why it is where scuba diving in the Philippines was born. Anilao’s underwater is overabundant with natural coral architectures, and is teeming with marine life. Most of these dive spots are located at the southern part of Anilao, so you may want to look for a resort situated in the south to rid off longer boat rides.

Diving Anilao: Things You Should Not Miss!


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