3 Best Destinations for a Summer Diving Trip

The summer is a season no one should miss—the waft of barbeque along the seaside, sunbathing and pretty tan lines, the sound of the waves as they crash the pebbly shore, and of course, the peaking light underwater escaping through the clear seawater. Ready for the sunny season? Here are top summer destinations for divers:

The Philippines

Although summer is technically the rainy season in the Philippines, the weather in the southern Visayas at this time of year is lovely. Expect calm sunny days with the odd shower here and there. The crystal clear waters of this region are perfect for spotting hard corals, turtles and reef sharks, to name but a few.

Best Destinations for a Summer Diving Trip


Indonesia continues to be one of our absolute favourite destinations, playing host to epic scenery, beautiful beaches, fabulous food and friendly people. In the summer months, head to Wakatobi, Komodo (home of dragons) or northern Sulawesi, or do all three for a seriously cool combo.

Best Destinations for a Summer Diving Trip


Fiji is the soft coral capital of the world and the dive sites in the iconic Somosomo Strait in particular are world-class. Once you've had your fill of the colourful stuff (if that's even possible) then head over to Beqa Lagoon, renowned for its shark diving. On one particular dive you can see up to eight different species of shark. Above water, Fiji isn't bad either with some lovely boutique hotels and some of the best beaches in the world.

Best Destinations for a Summer Diving Trip

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