Dive Sites in Asia for Beginners

Here's a visit to some of Asia's most astounding submerged dive destinations, home to sharks, whales, sunfish and then some.


Indonesia is seemingly the most cherished destination in all Asia, with its perfect shorelines and phenomenal spots for diving, surfing and other water sports. The strength of Derawan Islands, Indonesia is chiefly the diversity that it offers with the flawlessly clear and safe waters as well as the diversity of greenery staying inside the waters for you to investigate in your diving session.

Dive Sites in Asia for Beginners


This is positioned among the best scuba diving spots on the planet, and because of it being a secured site, just a set number of divers are permitted every day. You should think about this when you make your arrangements. Sea turtles are a claim to fame on the destination, and you can keep your hopes high to see loads of them!

Dive Sites in Asia for Beginners


Phuket in Thailand is a fairly well known tourist spot particularly for beginner divers, surfers and so forth. This will be a perfect site on the off chance that you are going with a bunch of buddies who share your scuba diving energy, since you will have enough and more places to party and enjoy the place after.

Dive Sites in Asia for Beginners


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