Top Dive Sites to Explore in Indonesia

Indonesia is not only brimming with rich culture and gastronomical treasures. It is also very bounty in terms of natural resources—from panoramic shores and unadulterated forests, to submerged natural architectures. Here are our top-choice islands to start off your Indonesia exploration.

Komodo Island, Indonesia

The assortment of marine life around Komodo Island ranges from mantas, sunfish, eagle rays, and dolphin to the interesting pygmy seahorses, and blue-ringed octopus, making this a standout amongst the most diverse and colorful dive spots on the planet.

Top Dive Sites to Explore in Indonesia

Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia

The little fishing town of Tulamben has a standout amongst the most well known dive spots on Bali. Amid World War II, a Japanese torpedo sank the USAT Liberty, a U.S. Armed force transport dispatch. The 120-meter-long wreck is presently home to an assortment of fish animal varieties: batfish, puffer fish, angelfish, and hawkfish.

Top Dive Sites to Explore in Indonesia

Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia

Off the northwestern tip of Indonesia's West Papua territory, the Raja Ampat Islands have the most astounding recorded diversity of fish and coral on earth - a stunning 537 coral species and 1,074 fish species can be found here, as indicated by The Nature Conservancy.  Fusilier fish are a typical sight around Raja Ampat. These fish move sweepingly in crisscross at high speeds, and evidently in harmony, making them a genuinely striking thing to experience.

Top Dive Sites to Explore in Indonesia


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