Dive Spots in Asia for True Blue Muck Divers

Muck diving is one of the types of diving that is now gaining great popularity. For the most magnificent spots, you won’t go wrong with Asia! Spot the strangest macro lives as you dive these exciting destinations.

Anilao, Philippines

Anilao is a relative newcomer on the scene, however you'll see why Anilao positions high for the best large scale spot. Sand and coral reefs join to give the ideal home to all the looked for after full scale critters, including the famous Lembeh Sea Dragon. Only a 2.5 hour van ride from Manila airplane terminal, Anilao is moderately simple to get to and offers more diversity than some other muck areas.

Tulamben, Indonesia

Tulamben, Bali is home to the world acclaimed large scale site, Seraya Secrets, sitting directly before two extraordinary dive resorts. In addition to the fact that this is one of the wealthiest house reefs on the planet for large scale, yet the neighboring dive locales are additionally world-class, from the USAT Liberty wreck to the wonderful Coral Gardens and the sky is the limit from there. Does Bali offer extraordinary large scale photography, as well as some awesome wide-point destinations and a plenty of topside/social exercises that can keep a non-diver involved.

Manado, Indonesia

Manado, Indonesia is the bouncing off point for diving the well known Bunaken National Park. The recreation center's dividers, turtles and pelagic sightings are a major bait for most divers, anyway keen large scale picture takers realize that the locales around Manado are to a great degree rich in critter life. From blue-ringed octopus to phantom pipefish to nudibranchs, Manado conveys. It's likewise simple to visit Manado as a combo trip with Bangka Island and Lembeh Strait.


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