Lombok After the Dive: Surfing, Kayaking, and Nature-Tripping!

Lombok is a place of adventures! Aside from diving, here are more things you can venture on in your next trip to Lombok:

Lombok Surfing

Lombok has for some time been a world-class surfing goal for experienced surfers. The southern coastline offers a scope of magnificent reef breaks that bait surfers from everywhere throughout the world, yet Lombok likewise offers a lot of waves that are perfect for outright amateurs to do Surf Lesson.

Lombok Kayaking

The stretch of coastline north of Senggigi is lovely and your smooth, quiet ocean kayak is only the best approach to appreciate it. Get something to eat at one of the resorts on Mangsit Beach before paddling back to Senggigi or simply douse up the beams previously your auto exchange back to your Senggigi beach settlement. Twofold and single ocean kayaks are accessible.

Lombok Rice Field Walk

For a huge number of years, the general population of Lombok has developed their rich volcanic soil to develop rice. The terraced scene conjures pictures of Sasak life over the millennia. Investigate energetic green rice fields where villagers have lived and worked for a considerable length of time. An antiquated water system framework sustains Lombok's most critical harvest. From June to August there will be a chance to encounter the conventional method for collecting rice.


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