Lombok Adventures: 3 Extraordinary Dive Sites to Explore

Lombok guarantees great things, and at the highest priority on the rundown is adventures! Flawless white sand beaches through to rough precipices and transcending volcanoes make Lombok a genuinely extraordinary dive goal.

The Magnet

Located in Belongas Bay, this is Lombok's most acclaimed dive site – and for good reasons. The Magnet is a shocking untamed sea shake apex which truly draws in fish and pelagics like magnet steel. The greatest draw for diving the Magnet is the occasional hammerheads, which are seen in schools, together with reef shark sightings, barracuda, trevally, hawk beams and different pelagics. On the off chance that you appreciate diving with enormous fish then The Magnet ought to be on your rundown.


The Lighthouse

Incredible geology and diverse marine life influence this dive to site an absolute necessity. Investigating the rough level, gulches and incline you'll discover schools of sweetlips and watching white tip reef sharks. Tremendous rocks make fascinating breaks where critters can be discovered stowing away and the colossal coral bommies are covered with glass angle. Look out into the blue also to pass schools of fusiliers, rainbow sprinters, and mackerel.


This amazing, coral encrusted shake apex is a most loved by some divers. Its vast sea position makes it a noteworthy fascination for passing pelagics including rays, chasing trevally, barracuda, mackerel, rainbow sprinters and fusiliers. Set aside a few minutes to examine the corals – there is an abundance of full-scale life to be found here too.


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