6 Superfoods for a Pre-dive Boost

A healthy diet is a key variable for a successful dive! So to keep you powered and strong, here are 6 foods you should gobble before your diving mission:


Prevents muscle cramps during the dive. Bananas are loaded with fundamental vitamins and are high in potassium, which advantages your well-being and muscle work. They are the best pre-dive nibble since they furnish the body with enough starches for your dive.


The king of veggies! This verdant superfood is flourishing with iron which encourages red blood cells to work well in transporting oxygen around the body. Spinach additionally contains magnesium which avoids undesirable cramps.

Brazil nuts

These munchies are high in fat and protein which will power you up for an intense fin kick against the current! Stacked with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, a pack of these will enable you to accomplish that powerful dive!

Brown rice

Brown rice is a wellspring of carbs! It will fill your body with energy for a ground-breaking dive.


Boiled or mixed, doesn't make a difference! Eggs give adequate protein that strengthens your muscles for the dive!


Hydration is important! Water enables your body to utilize the nitrogen you ingest. It is also awesome for your digestion.


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