5 Ways You Can Be a Responsible Diver

Diving ethically and responsibly is an important decision all divers must make. As divers, we have to ensure that we know about the effects of our diving activities in order to preserve the ocean. Here are 5 things to keep in mind every time you dive:

Gather any litter on the seabed. Take away fishing lines, debris, and hooks from the seabed. Collect plastics wrappings and bottles floating around as you dive.

Do not to torment or disturb marine life. You are but a visitor to their home. Give them some respect.


Support the local economy. Explore outside your lodging. But keep in mind that while it is important to help local businesses, do not buy crafts and souvenirs produced with coral reefs or anything taken from the seabed.

Refrain from touching anything when you dive. Do not to collect shells, grab corals to steady yourself, and take hunt marine animals.


Do not eat from restaurants with endangered marine species on their menus. Blacklist eateries that serve species caught from inhumane methods.


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