3 Facts About Tioman You Didn’t Know About

Tioman is known for its cerulean waters complimented by its unquestionable white sandy beaches ornamented with the greens swinging from the harsh cliffs that envelop it—completely meriting your meticulously-curated Instagram feed—but there is an entirely different world to Tioman than this impeccable surface. What people don't know is that it is stacked with thrilling experiences down its glass-like waters.

Fantastic for Advanced Scuba Divers

If you want to add vitality and energy to your scuba diving escapades, you should book that Tioman scuba diving trip. Its beautiful and thrilling underwater is the perfect way to challenge your scuba diving expertise.

Macro Photographers Haven

Tioman isn't only famous for its white, sandy beaches and flawless blue waters. It is moreover enchanting down its waters. Tioman's submerged is stacked with intriguing and eccentrically made (by nature) coral reef structures. It is in like manner swarming with different sorts of fish and other marine critters. Praised finding are the angelfish, harlequin sweetlips, and clownfish. If you are a full-scale picture taker and you require your photos to flood with shades, you should dive Tioman!

Perfect for Drift Diving

Incorporated with precipices, waterfalls, the twin apexes of Gunung Nenek Semukut, and a thrill-seamed underwater, Tioman is great for adrenaline-seekers. Drift diving is very possible in Tioman because of its average to strong currents.


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