3 Best Things to Do in Anambas Islands

Anambas Islands is a hidden paradise in Malaysia. Due to its remote zone, only few people know about the islands' beautiful waterfront and marine life.

Food Trip

Fish-based products are Anambas' signature dishes, since the area is surrounded by sea. Mie Tarempa, similar to mie Aceh but with fish,  and luti gendang, fried snack chock-full of fish floss are the two most popular ones.

Diving and Snorkeling

Being in the Coral Triangle, Anambas has unsurprisingly a diverse marine biodiversity: fuses in over 600 varieties of coral and 3000 types of fish. Also, it is a great destination to see five of the seven kinds of sea turtles. In addition, tons of marine life in Anambas will surely keep youngsters mystified.


Three things that make the Anambas Islands the perfect: white powder sand, unpolluted air, and beautiful views. Divers can catch a glimpse of the marine life in the crystal clear waters even from out of the water.


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