5 Best Dive Sites Around Tioman

All in all, you don't know which dive locales you ought to investigate? This is what you should not miss with 5 best dive destinations in Tioman, only for you!

Tiger Reef, Salang

No divers ought to ever miss this since it has the greatest reefs in the zone. It is home to a plenitude of delightful hard corals, delicate corals, ocean fans, ocean wipes and little critters pulling in a great many fishes that full-scale divers will begin to look all starry eyed at.

Renggis Island

One of the best acclaimed dive site and it can become extremely busy. A radiant cluster of wonderful corals hard and delicate encompass the reefs, in a harmonious association with the oceanic life (moray eel, heavenly attendant fish, puffer fish and sting beam). Likewise, you may detect some ocean turtles and dark tip reef sharks. This site is generally utilized for preparing dives and night dives because of its fairly low profundities.

Chebeh Island

Another of the fabulous dive site, appropriate for all levels of divers, the arrangement of rocks and submerged landscape will abandon you in amazement. Home to a school of barracudas and trevallies and a few sightings of manta beam and whale shark amid the relocation season (around April and October).

Labas Island

This site has numerous wondrous sinkholes around, in this way portraying a bit of Swiss cheddar like a labyrinth, one can swim through the profound trough or skim along the thick corals. As you go further into the site, you may spot turtles, sharks and holy messenger angle.

Sawadee Wrecks

A previous Malaysian Navy Warship was submerged in 2012 to make a fake reef close by two old angling vessels (Sawadee Wreck), home to groups of lionfish, puffer fish and furthermore a little octopus. This dive site is more suited for cutting edge and recreation divers, where the vast openings enable divers to enter and investigate the wreck from the stern to bow. Along these lines, recall this best dive locales so you won't miss any of the fantastic perspectives submerged.


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