Tioman is one of the most gorgeous islands in Asia! But it is not just looks, it is also a great place for great adventures! This is why you should opt to escape to this beautiful isle!

Fantastic place to go kayaking!

Beyond any doubt kayaking is fun, you get the chance to see angles. Whoopee! Be that as it may, wouldn’t it be increasingly fun on the off chance that you could swim with them and get the chance to have a more intensive look? Tioman offers its visitors who remain over five days a diving permit for just RM 1000 which is very reasonable when contrasted with other permit rates around Malaysia.

best place to get a diving license

Feel comfortable around the island by kayaking over their completely clear waters. You can plainly observe the fishes swimming underneath you upon the shallow parts of the water. No kayak? No stresses. Inns there have kayak rentals so you don’t get the chance to pass up the good times! Accomplish A DIVING LICENSE!


Make the best out of your permit by swimming. Be that as it may, get this present; it’s not your normal swimming movement. At Tioman, you get the opportunity to swim with SHARKS! Local people say that the Black Tip Reef shark are frequently spotted off the shores of Tioman. In case you’re fortunate, you get the chance to take stunning photographs and offer the involvement with the world!


On the off chance that you cherish fiery sustenance, old buddy, Tioman Island is the place for you! Indonesian nourishment is extremely hot, exquisite and delectable! Eateries in the island could go from various Asian Cuisine to buffet suppers. Get the chance to relish the freshness of the fish cooked in neighborhood foods!

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