Going deeper into riau islands

Southern Riau is a province located in the central eastern coast of Sumatra along the Strait of Malacca and currently one of the richest provinces in Indonesia with plentiful of natural resources. Riau is allegedly derived the word “riuh” which means crowded in Malay. Around 3,000 island can be explored here, the islands are small and close enough to one another which makes island hopping easy and inexpensive for adventurers like you. This beautiful island province has so much to offer!


Riau is an interesting place to visit with combinations of local heritage and culture from different influences like Chinese, Arab, Indian, European, Southeast Asian, even African seafarers and spice traders.One of its attraction are the bright colorful mosques with unique built. Try to live in their special traditional houses called Rumah Selaso Jatuh Kembat. A really cool home to live to because of its colorful and special design. The time-honored architectural house is well preserve due to its not usual structure. Natural wealth, art, and culture is one of the important areas of tourism in the Riau Islands. Majority of its islands are uninhibited and this fantastic place become a melting pot for different ethnic groups coming from other parts of Indonesia.


In Riau provincial, population consists of diverse ethnic groups that uses a primary language called Malay. The region is considered to be part of the Malay world. A subgroup of the Malays are called Orang laut which are group of people who have a rich maritime culture, such as living in boats though in today’s time, many of them have permanently settled on land. You don’t have to feel that you are not belong in this hospitable place because most of the people living in Riau feel that cordial relationship is important as part of their historical tradition in welcoming new comers in their territory. Most of the locals live much the way they did several hundred years ago, without TV, electric lighting, telephones, motor vehicles, grocery stores, hotels or other modern society trappings. A great way to experience a castaway life when you want to stay away from the busy cities. They also economically live in a industry rich in natural resources particularly petroleum, natural gas, rubber, palm oil and fibre plantations.


Riau has so many good places to visit and that means so much food to try! A various must try cuisines is no exception, and you don’t have to feel alone or homesick because people in Riau eat in a family style buffet. When you go to a restaurant, an array of dishes are piled in the center of the table and people fill their plate with little tastes of everything. With a strong influence from different cultures, Riau dishes comes from seafood, noodles, tidbits, fried, grilled and many more choices just like any other places that serve your favorite dish. If you are also into the adventurous side when eating, they also serve spicy and even exotic foods to try out. Drool yourselves with variant options of delicious delicacies.

Dive Sites

The aquatic environment in Riau is very pristine which makes their corals nice and healthy. Their dive sites have a diverse macro life, you can also discover different marine species you’ve never seen before. A plentiful of this underwater creatures are there to roam you around their kingdom. If the top view of the ocean is just to plain for you to see, then dive under the water of Riau it is really different down there. You’ll be able to see a colorful and interesting world. It’s like a whole new dimension for divers when you dive in Riau. Imagine visiting a place where you and your fellow divers are the only one who have the same human physical feature and down there you’ll get along with the different faces of water species. Some of the fish may have weird figures or faces but hey! That’s the interesting fact about underwater. The unusual will always be the enthralling one. Don’t just create a vision in your mind! How about dive now and see it with your own eyes. Any dive sites in Riau are worth diving, give it a try!

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