you need to try these out when in Anambas

Anambas Islands in Riau Islands territory are still under the radar of numerous holidaymakers. Relatively few individuals know about the islands’ wonderful waterfront and marine life, maybe because of its remote area. In any case, things may change sooner rather than later. Island Hopping Island hopping is unmistakably one of the prescribed activities. Anambas regime … Read more

Going deeper into riau islands

Southern Riau is a province located in the central eastern coast of Sumatra along the Strait of Malacca and currently one of the richest provinces in Indonesia with plentiful of natural resources. Riau is allegedly derived the word “riuh” which means crowded in Malay. Around 3,000 island can be explored here, the islands are small and close enough … Read more

how to make the most out of your stay in lombok

Lombok is an island east of Bali, however less known than its neighbor. While reliably an expansive number of voyagers are pulled in to Bali, various spots on Lombok are so far perfect. Here mass the travel industry is so far darken. Lombok offers various uncrowded and detached dream shorelines, well disposed local people, flavorful … Read more

Islands in asia we keep coming back to

These islands’ wonderful shores and stunning blue waters are not just the reasons why marine fans and divers keep on visiting them consistently. Dive into Tioman, Anambas, and Riau’s strange submerged alcoves—they’re entrancing! Anambas Islands Anambas Islands, Indonesia is a get-together of Islands found Northeast of Bintan, in the South China Sea. This area used … Read more

3 unique destinations to explore this holiday

Tired of your usual holiday vacations? Why not indulge yourself with this exquisite dive destination this coming holiday season? PHUKET, THAILAND Have you at any point thought of giving a pearl as a blessing to somebody? What about the Pearl of the Andaman and make that somebody yourself this Christmas! Phuket island is covered with … Read more


In case you’re indeterminate of what you ought to do in the wake of achieving the entry level course or you need to just explore the Specialty Courses, SSI Advanced Adventurer Course is exactly what you have to take your diving abilities! GET A GLIMPSE ON SPECIALTY COURSES With the SSI Advanced Adventurer Course, you … Read more

Trip Guide to Malaysia’s Labuan Island

The little island of Labuan has been an imperative sea port for over three centuries. Once a place to rest for Chinese brokers coming to work with the Sultan of Brunei, the island was warmly given the name “Pearl of the South China Sea.” Activities on Labuan Island Beside the beaches and tax-exempt shopping, Labuan … Read more

Diving Perhentian Islands in Malaysia

The two fundamental Perhentian Islands in Malaysia have totally extraordinary identities. There are numerous valid justifications for getting a charge out of both. In any case, you can rest guaranteed: regardless of which island you pick will include white sand and blue water overflowing with marine life to appreciate. Perhentian Kecil The rowdier and littlest … Read more